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The heartdrive exists because no matter how informative andrevealing data is in guiding ourtrategies, only human emotion can inspire the storytelling that stimulates consumer desire.
The thin flexible capacitive goosebump patch is able to measure the degree of human emotion quantitatively.
IMPRESSIONIST EDGAR DEGAS was a genius at depicting human emotion.
Despite Robert Storr's brilliant effort to reclaim Gerhard Richter for human emotion in the artist's 2002 MOMA retrospective, the glassy chill of his work reasserted itself in his recent show at Marian Goodman Gallery.
The main character is well drawn, complete with human emotion and flaws.
Anger is a natural and healthy human emotion when managed effectively.
all you're doing is succumbing to that natural pressure and human emotion of not wanting to face that difficult decision.
In recent years, scientists have made considerable advances in understanding how brain processes shape emotions and are changed by human emotion.
Humanism recognizes that life is more than cognitive and appreciates the full range of human emotion, from the varied reactions to life's tragedies to the wonder and awe at our natural self and surroundings.
My focus throughout will be on the psychology of human emotion, especially as applied to the social and interpersonal dimensions of the human experience.
Water can be caused to echo and intensify any human emotion from awe (of wild nature, or of Cartesian command of it) to the light-hearted pleasures of folly and the comforts of domesticity.

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