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Increase in value; improvement.

Enhancement is generally used to mean an increase in the market value of property that is the result of an improvement.

The enhancement of a criminal penalty means the increase of punishment, such as by increasing a jail sentence. This type of enhancement might be affected when the criminal's motive is found to be particularly depraved.

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Every day that the introduction of human enhancement is delayed is a day of agony for many unfortunate victims of diseases that could have been forestalled.
In his book Liberal Eugenics-In Defence of Human Enhancement, Agar criticized the argument that human cloning and genetic engineering are wrong because they violate some deep, inchoate sense of what is right for us.
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Human enhancement drugs pose a clear threat to public health.
We naturally face the specter of the old eugenics movement here, and some effort in the book is spent distinguishing human enhancement from eugenics.
All six sites registered significant concern about the effectiveness of government regulations for human enhancement technologies.
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For the same reason, Sandel favors human embryonic stem cell (ESC) research and use if it is directed toward relieving suffering caused by disease or injury, but the opposes ESE research aimed at human enhancement. Use of human embryos for ESC therapy does not bother Sandel.
That is not to say he has abandoned his aim of human enhancement. Another live project involves the cultivation of biological neural circuitry to replace microprocessors in mini robotic cars.
For a critique of Habermas and other secular humanists opposing human enhancement, see K.
The first issue includes articles on: the advantages and disadvantages of human enhancement, enhancement research, enhancements in sports, prenatal genetic enhancements, enhancement as eugenics, procreative autonomy, medical nanorobotics, and societal considerations in life extension research.

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