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One argument put forwards by proponents of a technological singularity is that human intelligence is indeed a special point to pass because we are unique in being able to build artefacts that amplify our intellectual abilities.
This clever book spurs both awe and understanding of the complexities of human intelligence.
FM 3-24 defines human intelligence as "the collection of information by a trained human intelligence collector from people and their associated documents and media sources to identify elements, intentions, composition, strength, dispositions, tactics, equipment, personnel, and capabilities.
It is the first Air Force human intelligence or HUMINT detachment since 1995 and provides new means for the Air Force ISR Agency to accomplish intelligence missions.
He surveys and critiques criticisms of Darwinian natural selection, but then finds his own: the idea that human intelligence is not fully explainable by natural selection, as our linguistic, musical, and mathematical abilities far exceed any past need of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
The use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources is a well-known police tactic in catching criminals who believe the are beyond the long arm of the law.
3 : something produced by human intelligence or imagination <The artist showed me her creations.
Parrots score at the level of three- to five-year-olds on human intelligence tests, they can live to be a hundred, and the species has also become fragile and is vanishing.
His new picture of human intelligence is not to be missed.
Computers are already capable of driving cars, playing soccer and organizing Web information: but if machine intelligence comes to rival human intelligence, will it eventually overcome humanity?
But since then, these forces have been used by the Americans in various aspects of human intelligence in Iraq and Iran, as MeK has a network of clandestine cells throughout Iran as well as in different parts of Iraq.

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