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Simply stated, a large number of single human intelligence reports collected from a large population size exceeds the value of a large number of reports collected from a few sources.
Declining to specify how many sources were paid, the force added: "Covert Human Intelligence Sources, regardless of their motivation, provide information at particular personal risk to themselves and their families.
Human intelligence is not collected by staffs, offices or other bureaucratic creations.
British human intelligence had led to surveillance and tracking by JIATF-S to an intercept of more than two metric tons of cocaine by French operational forces near the Cape Verde Islands.
As a human intelligence/counterintelligence officer, this reviewer had the opportunity to evaluate human intelligence operations in Panama in the wake of Operation Just Cause, in the Gulf at the conclusion of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and, most recently, in Iraq.
It remains highly questionable whether psychometric theories, which are neither the whole story of human intelligence nor terribly useful to teachers, can do anything similar.
The Secret Intelligence Service's lack of reliable human intelligence sources in Iraq was starkly exposed by the report.
It concludes the inquiry proves the 'vital importance' of effective scrutiny of human intelligence sources in the preparation of JIC assessments and in giving high-quality advice to ministers.
While human intelligence and traditional policing methodologies continue as important aspects of law enforcement, high-tech systems are becoming a principle, and undeniably necessary, means of maintaining domestic security.
It was to the animals that Montaigne significantly turned to demonstrate the humbling shortcomings of human intelligence and to encourage the acceptance of human limitation and the time-tested wisdom of custom and tradition.
Today, by contrast, a new car contains seventy computers or more, and information technology experts like Ray Kurzweil claim that computers with human intelligence will appear in a generation's time.
I am still amazed at how many companies rely on accounting information instead of human intelligence.

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