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Seeing and hearing are probably the two key human sense, so it makes sense that these problems would be solved first.
One day he believes it will be possible to add to the five basic human senses, enabling communication with machines and even other humans via thought alone.
Within five years all of the human senses will be in computers and in 10 years we will have more transistors in one chip than neurons in the human brain," the Daily Mail quoted Moody Eden, president of Intel Israel, a ssaying.
Of all the human senses, smell has the most direct pathway to the emotional center of the brain,” according to Margaret Webb Pressler of the Washington Post.
Ahmad Tulbah said that biometrics is one of the most recent fields, specialized in making correlation between computers and human senses.
The five-day festival, which officially kicked off on May 10 in several cities of Slovakia, sought to knock on human senses to spread a message about the worsening state of our environment and its growing risks.
A textbook written by experts on human senses and how they relate to one another, the second edition of this survey of major topics in the field of sensation and perception includes a new chapter on the vestibular system and revisions to reflect current advances.
Kids will have fun while exploring serious science concepts such as chemistry, optics, animal behaviour, human senses, gravity, and even Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
ICx surveillance products discern people and objects invisible to human senses and conventional cameras.
The firm's surveillance products discern people and objects invisible to human senses and conventional cameras, while its software and systems connect, command, and control security devices.
Students interested in physiology and the augmentation of human senses through cybernetics will find the text informative as well as witty and satisfying.
True, the book does exactly this in chapters called 'Sensory Cues' and 'Sensory Schematics', offering methods of understanding and designing architecture based on the full range of human senses.

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