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As each story subsides, the listener encounters a sea of human voices organised in surprising ways, speech that waltzes and harmonises, and clouds of speech which circle around the audience, culminating with speech transforming into song.
His fascination with the human voice began at an early age, a fascination that continues to feed the mature singing scientist.
The English Human Voice Ringtones & Notifications package includes over 900 voice notifications by 8 different characters.
In his careful attention to the status of the senses in the constitution of the human voice as speaking and acting, C.
A computer then translates the sounds into fenones, individual sounds produced by the human voice that vary from person to person, but are consistent for each person's normal speech.
The threat comes from two emerging technologies: the electronic pen, which writes directly on a special computer pad, and sophisticated software that translates the human voice into computer commands, typed words and numbers.
StroboCAM employs digital technology to control the camera's shutter and synchronize it with the frequency of a human voice.
Studs, a man whose whole life has been built around deep appreciation for the human voice in all its manifestations, including theater, opera, jazz, gospel, folk song, but especially conversation, reveals his very great difficulties with technology - telephone calls that offer a menu of button-pushing but no live human voice, airport transit coaches with electronic "voices" that speak, carrying human passengers that won't.
These infants had attention and orientation problems and were less likely to respond to a human voice or face, Chasnoff says.

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