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Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Humanistic Studies of the Environment is a collection of essays that seek to redirect our thinking about environmental issues by locating them in the behavior of human beings--in the institutions, beliefs, and practices that mediate between people and nature.
Andrew Fiala is assistant professor of philosophy and humanistic studies at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay.
The dialogue itself then examines the reasons for Florence's cultural pre-eminence, asking whether the writings of Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio can contribute to humanistic studies.
She is a member of the Association for Women in Communications, Women Health Care Executives and the Institute of Humanistic Studies.
51v-52r, praises an unknown groom for his humanistic studies under Guarini.
In the summer of 1974, I attended an event in the auditorium of the Institute of Humanistic Studies in Aspen, Colorado, which featured visiting fiction writer Joyce Carol Oates.
The curricula integrate specific knowledge and skills needed for technical mastery of the various arts disciplines with a significant examination of conceptual and humanistic studies.
Presentation of the Emerson-Thoreau Medal to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Roth and the Award for Humanistic Studies to Denis Donoghue and Helen Vendler on October 11 with readings and presentations by writers Emma Donoghue, Jeffrey Eugenides, Martin Amis, and Paul Theroux; poet Natasha Trethewey; artist/illustrator Roz Chast; filmmaker Albert Maysles; and a performance by clarinetist Richard Stoltzman.
The title page states the following: "Published by the Permanent International Committee of Linguists under the auspices of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies.
With such literature proliferating in the early decades of the sixteenth century, it is probably fair to say that by the 1530s the humanist usage of "arms and letters" in both Castilian and Italian literature, which identified "letters" with humanistic studies, was more widely known among the literate public at large than the juristic tradition which identified "letters" more narrowly with the study of law.
Training in counseling now takes place at the Institute of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (the world's first humanist university).

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