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McCahill offers a fascinating and informative tour of curial Rome, recalling forgotten deeds and clarifying misunderstood strategies in order to show how popes and humanists both worked to revive an ancient city, restore cultural life, and strengthen the Roman faith and church.
Humanist communities can be a venue for fellowship and fun, a safe space where atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and humanists can come together and speak freely.
The Teesside Humanists are part of the North East Humanists (NEH), which is the largest Humanist group outside of London and the largest non-religious charity in the North-east.
Humanists and assorted secularists have been emboldened in recent years by the rising popularity of such unapologetic, non-theist writers as Sam Harris, author of "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason"; Richard Dawkins, who wrote "The God Delusion"; and Christopher Hitchens, who penned "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.
He insists that the country was founded on "biblical principles and a clear recognition of God" and asserts that "atheistic, amoral humanists have moved in .
Especially interesting for this reader was Busch's article which presents a careful account of the origins of a critical, medieval, lay historiography in the political concern for communal self-definition among urban laymen caught between Empire and Papacy, thus distinguishing a content that pre-humanist and humanist historiography could share from the stylistic issues of literary form and Latinity that particularly characterize humanistic productions.
As we approach the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war, the issue at hand in the March/April Humanist points directly to life lost in military action and begs the questions: How do we value life?
He concludes that medicine owes much to the humanists, but suffered from their tendency to indulge in pointless literary minutiae--a fault evident also in the work of Pierio.
Just Science" Well, it's true and important that humanists don't adhere to the idea of a heaven or a hell, and we do value science as the best tool humans have for understanding the world around us, but "Just Science?
But for it to honestly encapsulate the entirety of our human condition, the humanist belief system must open its doors to the inherent need to create, express, and behold the beauty put forth in poetry, song, painting, and other artistic media.
Yet, though several earlier art historians had recognized that a humanist advisor must have been involved and the names of three learned men active in Rome had been ventured by way of suggestions (Giovanni Battista Casali, Egidio da Viterbo, and Tommaso Inghirami), nevertheless the function of a humanist had never been scrutinized in detail.
Zinn, though undoubtedly a humanist, seems to have faith that rational public policy will somehow burst forth in America, presumably via a dissatisfied public that finally reaches its breaking point and demands progressive change.

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