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Since this is a hunting rifle, I'll start work using hunting bullets, with the knowledge that the rifle is capable of delivering every bit of accuracy that I, as a hunter, am capable of using.
But while driving off, he said one of them got off his car and fired two shots at him with a hunting rifle, one hit his car and the other hit him on the shoulder blade.
BEIRUT: A 13-year-old was wounded Sunday after a being shot by accident with a hunting rifle, the state-run National News Agency reported.
MANOUBA, (TAP) - A security campaign conducted Friday afternoon by National Guard units in the delegation of Borj El Amri, governorate of Manouba led to the arrest of ten individuals including a religious extremist suspected of belonging to a banned organisation, as well as 8 wanted and the seizure of three hunting rifles, 2,700 cartridges and four tonnes of ammonium nitrate.
While the trigger and bolt are the most distinguishing aspects of the AB3, the rifle comes with a couple of popular features that many desire on a contemporary hunting rifle.
Keffer says MSRs play a role in his traditional hunting rifle sales.
This means the gun is not really a candidate for restoration but it may well shine as a very interesting hunting rifle.
com/2013/11/18/coup-feu-hall-liberation-blesse-247602) Rue89 news site that the man was armed with grenades as well as a hunting rifle.
DRAIN - A high school student was killed Thursday night when a friend's hunting rifle accidentally discharged at a home in Drain, Douglas County sheriff's officials said.
ABU DHABI Police in Abu Dhabi have arrested two men on suspicion of hunting and killing a critically endangered Arabian gazelle inside a nature reserve in Al Gharbia area using a hunting rifle and a car with no traffic record or plate number.
Geller had given away a free hunting rifle worth 430 dollars to any customer who spent 2,499 dollars on diamonds.
For all practical purposes though, a 2" group at 100 yards is just fine for a hunting rifle used in a bush or savannah environment, or as you so succinctly ask: "what exactly is wrong with a two inch group at 100m with a .