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HURDLE, Eng. law. A species of sledge, used to draw traitors to execution.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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With practice (repetition) the hurdler develops a pace with little variation between the speed crossing each hurdle and his or her speed between the hurdles.
Porter will be up against French athlete Cindy Billaud, the highest ranked European 100m hurdler, who will also compete in the Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix.
"He just needed the run, but he was travelling like a proper Champion Hurdler and jumping like one too.
He takes a rise in class for the opening Grade 3 contest but looks equal to the task.The seven-year-old will have progressed from that first chase outing and it is worth remembering he was quite a classy novice hurdler last term.
Important components intervene in the perfecting of the technical skills of the hurdlers, and the correct determination thereof influences the success of the special training for the competition: the technique under the influence of fatigue, absolute speed, running speed for the first half of the race distance, as well as the resistance in a speed regime.
Alan King's gelding enjoyed a fine winter, netting his biggest success when beating subsequent Champion Hurdler Hardy Eustace by three lengths in the Cleeve Hurdle at Prestbury Park in January.
Joan Mills, who sadly retired from coaching and will be a huge miss, was the inspiration to many hurdlers, not only at the Poly, but to hurdlers throughout the region.
Many hurdlers, particularly the high school/novice, and some coaches prefer the "flat-footed" approach because of a lack of training or lack of muscular strength and endurance to achieve and remain on the balls of the feet.
RAY GREEN'S exciting novice hurdler Dibea Times will run at Kelso tomorrow.
Despite Robles having an indoor best of 7.33secs the Cuban-born hurdler is yet to win in the UK.
NOT a single reference to Panorama, yet Timeform's latest masterpiece, Chasers & Hurdlers 2001/02 review, should still have been renamed.