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claims of husband abuse run parallel to the feminist pedagogy that
articles on husband abuse using an online database in Canada.
draw attention to the subject of husband abuse and finally undermine the
Husband abuse constitutes an overall underreported crime
crime, the task of trying to substantiate a case of husband abuse is
Given that husband abuse is a less acknowledged domain in the arena
More vivid and convincing accounts of husband abuse have been shown in TV documentaries.
Many professionals and volunteers working in the area of wife abuse stated that they had come across many cases of husband abuse. Many stressed the seriousness of the problem, including severe physical violence (punching, kicking or throwing the disabled or intoxicated husband against the wall).
This brief review shows that in Australia, despite the paucity of relevant research, there is enough evidence to show that husband abuse does exist, that public and official views that husband abuse does not exist are incorrect and wrong, and that changes in this area are long overdue.
The trend in husband abuse identified in Australia is more evident in other countries where results of systematic empirical research on this issue are available.
The examples of such studies, so diverse and -- sometimes -- contradictory they might be (eg regarding details in trends and propositions), demonstrate a direction in the findings, which supports the notion that husband abuse exists, is a serious problem, and in terms of extent and frequency of occurrence, as serious as wife abuse.
* husband abuse is as real as any other form of violence (Jones, 1981; Browne, 1987; Wilkerson, 1990).