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HUSTINGS, Engl. law. The name of a court held before the lord mayor and aldermen of London; it is the principal and supreme court of the city., See 2 Inst. 327; St. Armand, Hist. Essay on the Legisl. Power of England, 75.

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Mr Husting, 52, said: "I spend half my life on conference calls.
FUW branches across Wales have organised a series of hustings next month in the run-up to the 2016 National Assembly elections.
The Blyth Valley husting is to begin at 7pm in the club in Park View, Cramlington, and run until 9pm.
SCOTTISH Labour's leadership contest "descended into farce" last night when questions about the candidates' finances were banned at the first hustings.
PARLIAMENTARY hopefuls for the Stockton South seat in the General Election were quizzed at a hustings - except one key candidate.
Dr Ann Myatt told a hustings audience: "We have not yet shot anybody so that's wonderful.
MEIRIONNYDD'S farmers can quiz election candidates at a hustings event later this month.
I AM not aware of any hustings held in the various wards in Cardiff, prior to the Cardiff County Council elections other than the one organised by the Llandaff Society, for Llandaff.
A HUSTINGS of Colne Valley General Election candidates is taking place.
THE first Labour leadership hustings between Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn will be held in Wales.
THE race for the Tory leadership took a bitter new twist as Justice Secretary Michael Gove was confronted at election hustings about a text apparently from his campaign team to supporters of Theresa May which appears to urge them to vote tactically to block Andrea Leadsom from reaching the final two.
AMID all the talk of election hustings and cries for greater democracy in the business of running Birmingham, the only real step towards genuine public accountability has been the announcement of a metro mayor to run the Greater Birmingham region from 2017.