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I have seen this many times, and it can contribute to galling on the shutoff, with the slide being locked forward by hydraulic pressure.
As I realized (after the fact, of course), I also had screwed up the PCL pre-start checklist: I failed to check the auxiliary-brakes hydraulic pressure, which, as it turns out, was near zero.
If [sigma] stands for stress, [delta] for radius of curvature, p for the hydraulic pressure, g for the local thickness and subscripts [theta] and m for the circumferential respectively the tangential direction, then the equation for the sheet stress is (Hsu&Shang,1977) :
skipped hydraulic pressure tests required by the Japanese Industrial Standards and forged data for some 125,000 stainless steel pipes in the five years to this March, the subsidiary said Thursday.
He also says that the hydraulic pressure in tons of force at the head of the shear is important.
In their work, the MS signal was directly used to determine the switchover point from filling to packing, thereby replacing the traditional method based on ram position or hydraulic pressure.
In the first response stage, the brake pads are placed on the brake disc and the hydraulic pressure increased without initiating braking.
They are normally in the closed position and are opened via air or hydraulic pressure.
Control is through a machine-mounted valve block which can be set up to suit open centre, closed centre or load sensing systems; an optional pto kit is available for tractors which do not have sufficient hydraulic pressure or flow.
Instead of trying to guess the rules by working backward from the global behavior of the leaf, Peak and Mott are trying to create a computer model whose rules take into account the ways that leaf pores might influence their neighbors through hydraulic pressure and other mechanisms.
When this occurs, the high hydraulic pressure required by the programming cylinder, usually 2000 psi or higher, can damage the pin, die, or other extrusion head components.
They are connected to a pressure port to allow hydraulic pressure up to 4000 psi.