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If you would like more information about Unilec's economic development loan strategies we have placed our notes into a series of Hypercard stacks.
The LiveCode natural programming language is considered a modern descendent of HyperCard.
If they've taken the "Public Relations/ Publications" class, they also have been exposed to PageMaker and Hypercard.
A few of these products--like Asymetrix's ToolBook, BrightbillRoberts' HyperPad, and Spinnaker's Plus--were little more than HyperCard clones.
He was also contributing author on Using Oracle with HyperCard (Dan Shafer with Jeff Menz, Hayden Books, c1990).
Although cross platform issues rendered HyperCard unsuitable for the complete development of the package, it did provide an effective means of communicating a proof of concept and a more detailed "specification" of the design.
1, Marionet for Macintosh supports a variety of Macintosh-based authoring tools through an XCMD interface, including Director, Allegiant SuperCard, Apple HyperCard and Oracle Media Objects, as well as providing an AppleScript interface that can be used from within several popular authoring and productivity tools.
5 update also builds upon the new features introduced in HyperCard 2.
0 for the Macintosh provides superior protection against the latest virus threats, including full protection against all known Word Macro viruses, conventional viruses, Hypercard Stack viruses, and trojan horses.
is designed to work in conjunction with popular desktop applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple HyperCard, Adobe Premiere and web authoring tools.
A sample of applications that take advantage of WorldScript include HyperCard, ClarisWorks, Nisus Writer, LightningDraw GX, and PageMaker ME.
During this time, he was responsible for contributing to the development of new extensions for authoring tools such as Director, SuperCard and HyperCard.