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9 In our study we found that in patients with hepatitis A, ALT, AST, TBA, the incidence of ascites and the incidence of hepatic encephalopathy values of hyperbilirubinaemia patients were significantly higher than those who were not hyperbilirubinaemia patients.
Increased knowledge about the predispositions and consequences of severe hyperbilirubinaemia by the mothers is imperative for the institution of early appropriate care, thereby reducing significantly the menaces from the devastating disabilities of this condition in our communities.
Physiological jaundice occurs in exclusively breastfed and formula-fed infants; however, NICE gives 'intention to breastfeed exclusively' as one of the factors contributing to an infant developing significant hyperbilirubinaemia (NICE, 2010: 11).
We report on two women with hyperbilirubinaemia caused by druginduced hepatotoxicity in early pregnancy.
The possible mediating effects of prematurity, low birthweight, and IUGR on rates of birth asphyxia, suspected neonatal sepsis, and hyperbilirubinaemia were further tested by enlisting them as covariates in the GEE analyses.
The elevation of these enzymes indicates rupture of the hepatocytes and RBC membranes leading to hepatic dysfunction and hyperbilirubinaemia [10-11].
Pregnancy plasma glucose levels exceeding the American Diabetes Association thresholds, but below the National Diabetes Data Group thresholds for gestational diabetes mellitus, are related to the risk of neonatal macrosomia, hypoglycaemia and hyperbilirubinaemia.
Prospective surveillance study of severe hyperbilirubinaemia in the newborn in the UK and Ireland.
Brucknerova I, Sebova C, Behulova D, Bzduch V, Mach M, Dubovicky M, et al: Mevalonic aciduria as a cause of conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia in a case of term newborn.