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TABLE 1: Speedup of OpenMP-code (HyperThreading is switched Off/On).
El Hyperthreading puede ser tan eficiente que nos permite trabajar con dos aplicaciones al mismo tiempo, como, por ejemplo, quemar un CD y navegar, sin que la computadora se sienta "lenta" y poco responsiva.
These cores are modified Power4 cores, in that they have had simultaneous hyperthreading support added to them.
IDC believes that higher desktop processor ASPs enabled by HyperThreading technology and the new 800MHz front-side bus as well as mobile PC processor unit shipments and the higher ASPs of those units helped to compensate for modestly lower desktop PC processor unit shipments.
Add a new dual-channel 400-MHz DDR memory interface, "hyperthreading technology" (this lets the processor do more work during each processor clock cycle), plus some other performance tweaks--all the good things you might like in a top-end workstation," says Kastner-- and the result is cinemagraphic 3D and spectacular 2D.
Hyperthreading technology has been used in Xeon servers for some time but this is the first time it has been used in home PCs.
Combined with ever faster microprocessors, partly fuelled by innovations such as Hyperthreading, which enables instructions to be executed in parallel, PCs based on these technologies will be an enticing prospect for some business and engineering users, particularly those that perform data intensive tasks.
At its twice-yearly gathering in the United States for hardware and software engineers, the world's largest chipmaker announced that 'hyperthreading' technology would be incorporated into its Pentium 4 chip running at 3.0 gigahertz, or 3 billion clicks per second, in the fourth quarter of the year, ahead of its own schedule.
As per a report by Ars Technica, Intel might drop hyperthreading from the Core I7 processor that would be released as part of the ninth generation.
1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680v3 2.5GHz, Turbo 3.3GHz , Hyperthreading, 30M Cache, 9.6GT/s
Not only does this new processor offer quad-core performance in a lower-power package, it does so with hyperthreading. So those four cores can actually emulate eight cores, giving you some seriously impressive performance in a very lightweight package.