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Egyptian hypocrites and sycophants are adept at occupying key positions and competing with one another to voice insincere, fabricated narratives.
One obvious and distinctive feature that hypocrites seem to share is a kind of mismatch between their pronouncements and their actions.
Now, unfortunately socialism is a proscribed dirty word, hardly used by TV and other media, especially the hypocrites of New Labour.
What the term hypocrites doesn't do is stick long enough to affirm what it is that's inherent in right-wing religion itself that not only spawns hypocrites but drives right-wing religion's judgmental meanness.
It's not like the Hypocrites has languished in your absence--it's grown, it's moved to a new space, it's had hit shows--at least one of them newly created by you.
He also released a clip of himself questioning who the real hypocrites are, giving examples of wealthy business owners who dodge taxes.
You write all about the alleged hypocrites in public life.
DUNFERMLINE boss Jim Jefferies insists the SPL will be hypocrites if they don't promote the Pars back into the top-flight today.
HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES is a selection for political, social issues and film collections alike, documenting the rise of Hollywood Progressives and their powers in a pick recommended for any general collection.
surcingle Kempton hypocrites There seemed to be an awful lot of hypocrites training and riding the many runners in the eight low-quality, undertariff races at Kempton last night.
I want those hypocrites to tell me how they would react if they found their loved ones hooked to drugs, lose their jobs, their families and end up dead somewhere in the gutter or in jail, trying to get money by any means to buy their drugs?
Miko says that these typical hypocrites should not be trusted, who think one thing, speak another while doing something completely different.