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Mainly pain was localized in the hypogastric region (58.33% of patients), less frequently in the epigastric region (20.84% of patients) and umbilical region (16.66% of the patients).
Abdominal exam revealed a tender and painless 10 cm diameter polycyclic mass located in hypogastric region. The uterus was enlarged, with polycyclic outline, in digital vaginal exam, feature which was confirmed by ultrasound exam (10.4/6.9 cm).
The patient presented with a hard and painful mass (diameter of approximately 8 cm) in the hypogastric region. After laparoscopic resection of the mass, a histopathological study showed a classic seminoma.
Instead, an enlarged spleen (Span 20cm) was present in umbilical, right iliac fossa and hypogastric region with its hilum facing left laterally.