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An assumption or theory.

During a criminal trial, a hypothesis is a theory set forth by either the prosecution or the defense for the purpose of explaining the facts in evidence. It also serves to set up a ground for an inference of guilt or innocence, or a showing of the most probable motive for a criminal offense.


noun assertion, assignment of cause, assumption, conclusion drawn from accepted truths, conjecture, deduction, guess, inference, postulate, postulation, speculation, suggestion, supposal, surmise, tentative explanation, tentative law, theory, thesis, unproved theory
See also: assumption, basis, belief, conclusion, conjecture, deduction, generalization, idea, inference, opinion, postulate, presumption, prolepsis, proposition, speculation, supposition, theory, thesis
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average over analyses of hypothetically many similar testing situations) fraction of local null hypothesis test rejections ("discoveries") for which the respective null hypotheses are actually true.
The analysis of several plausible nested alternative stock return generating processes suggests that stock returns with weak asymptotic tail dependence will produce CoVaR and MES hypothesis test statistic distributions that significantly overlap the sampling distributions of test statistics calculated from Gaussian returns.
Of course, since finding the probability of rejecting a true hypothesis requires testing that hypothesis, this necessarily tells DNA analysts to test an appropriate hypothesis and report the results of the hypothesis test and its level of statistical significance, which is of course the probability of finding a false positive.
Three non-nested hypothesis tests are used to judge the alternative capital mortality patterns.
TABLE 2 Summary of Hypothesis Tests on Competitive Models No Lagged Lagged COUNTRY Reserves Reserve Saudi Arabia reject reject Saudi Kuwait reject reject Qatar reject reject(*) UAE reject reject(*) Iraq reject reject Libya reject reject Algeria reject reject(*) Iran reject reject(*) Nigeria reject reject(*) Indonesia reject reject(*) Venezuela reject reject TOTAL REJECTED 11 11 * Point Estimates were positive (+) but not significant.
For this hypothesis test, the test statistic calculated is 2.
Thus, in data mining procedures that use a sequence of hypothesis tests, the alpha level of the tests cannot generally be taken as an estimate of any error probability related to the outcome of the search.