Hypothetical Question

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Hypothetical Question

A mixture of assumed or established facts and circumstances, developed in the form of a coherent and specific situation, which is presented to an expert witness at a trial to elicit his or her opinion.

When a hypothetical question is posed, it includes all the facts in evidence needed to form an opinion and, based on the assumption that the facts are true, the witness is asked whether he or she can arrive at an opinion, and if so, to state it.

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Yet, the country is now again debating the hypothetical question of who may support or oppose what the unwritten text says.
After being asked a hypothetical question of whether the readmission center could be used to accommodate the families of returnee fighters from the battlefield in Syria, having in mind the purpose of the center, I said that these capacities could be used as one of the possibilities for their accommodation, if the competent authorities decide this way, primarily the Ministry of Security of BiH,' recalls Minister Borovac.
Irvin, who has been critical of Wayside since it accepted Kokoraleis in March, did not directly answer a hypothetical question of whether Wayside's location would be appropriate for child sex offenders if the park was not there or more than 500 feet away.
"I would never be offered that job again so I think that's a hypothetical question," Allardyce said.
Pressed if he would vote against the Government in a confidence motion in the circumstance of no-deal, Mr Hammond said: "It's a hypothetical question because I don't know what the confidence motion is.
Among them are character witness: hypothetical question assuming guilt, expert witness: assessing credibility prohibited, hearsay exemption: public records and reports, non-responsive answer, and privilege: military and state secrets privilege.
"I think it's actually a hypothetical question that is just truly impossible to answer.
This is Piolo Pascual's reaction to a hypothetical question on what he will do if his son Inigo, who is romantically linked to Maris Rascal (of the MarNigo love team), give him (Piolo) a grandson someday.
Should you pose your opinion question to the expert in the form of a hypothetical question?
Here, Wafaa asked a hypothetical question to Wael Kfouri, that if he was Muslim, will he get married four times?
"It doesn't matter who the President is," said Lacson, clarifying he is posing a hypothetical question.

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