Hypothetical Question

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Hypothetical Question

A mixture of assumed or established facts and circumstances, developed in the form of a coherent and specific situation, which is presented to an expert witness at a trial to elicit his or her opinion.

When a hypothetical question is posed, it includes all the facts in evidence needed to form an opinion and, based on the assumption that the facts are true, the witness is asked whether he or she can arrive at an opinion, and if so, to state it.

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Asked if he would vote Remain if the referendum was held tomorrow, he said: "There isn't going to be a referendum, so it's a hypothetical question but yes, I voted Remain because I thought the best option was to remain.
Regarding the possibility to use the information of the register as a foundation for exercising political rights, including those arising from the Framework Agreement, the government spokesman said this was a hypothetical question because the project was in the making and pointed out the experience of certain European countries.
When asked if the Chinese People's Liberation Army could invade North Korea in case the conflict escalated, he said that "it is a hypothetical question which it is hard to answer", TASS reported.
I mean, you're asking a hypothetical question, but everything is possible in life.
During an interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes tonight, I was thrown off by the anchor's use of a hypothetical question," he added.
The Department of Tourism chief also said the Malacaang clarification that Dutertes outburst and expletive was not personally directed to Obama but a natural reaction to a reporters hypothetical question should settle the issue.
Asked if he would try to regain entry into the EU after Brexit if he was in Number 10 after the 2020 general election, Mr Smith said: "I think it's very hard to answer because it's a hypothetical question.
Iska koi matlab nahi hai ( This is a hypothetical question.
in which he poses this hypothetical question to his baby-mama Zarinah Hassan aka Zari The Boss Lady.
But then, even this family would have said the same if they had been asked a hypothetical question.
Cleverly written to educate and appeal to young readers (age 4 and up), "A Cool Summer Tail" poses amusing hypothetical question from a child to his mother about how humans adapt to hot weather in comparison to specific animals.
In answering the hypothetical question asked by Fernandez, Catolico said the next logical move for the bureau if the tax court drops Pacquiao's petition would be to seize his other assets, including luxury cars and houses and convert them into revenues by selling them.

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