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TO HAVE. These words are used in deeds for the conveyance of land, in that clause which usually declared for what estate the land is granted. The same as Habendum. (q.v.) Vide Habendum; Tenendum.

References in classic literature ?
You do go to the theatre sometimes, though, for I've seen you there.
You know poor little Carlo, that you gave me," added George; "the creature has been about all the comfort that I've had.
Well, Sally, I'm in fault, and I acknowledge it; I've been remiss; but I won't let to-morrow go by without stopping up them holes.
Since the time the child was sent to me and I've come to love her as myself, I've had light enough to trusten by; and now she says she'll never leave me, I think I shall trusten till I die.
I've not turned a deaf ear to your words, Seth, for when I saw as your love was given to me, I thought it might be a leading of Providence for me to change my way of life, and that we should be fellow-helpers; and I spread the matter before the Lord.
I knew,' said he, 'your frugal ways: So, that I might not wound your pride By bringing strangers in to gaze, I've left my legal friend outside!
I've a magnificent appetite, and I don't like working.
I'm so sorry I've been extravagant, and there's only that left.
Wall, I've been thinking some of gitting a place of my own.
But I've been thrown off and bucked off enough not to be over-confident.
I've seen a whole lot of life, an' somehow I've seen a whole lot more of it than most of them that was with me.
I've been up in Canada with my bridge, and I arranged not to come to New York until after you had gone.