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I dare say they are worked hard, I dare say they don't altogether like it.
I dare say the lad never slept in anything better than a bark shanty in his life, unless it was some such hut as the cabin of Leather-Stocking.
Change of air and care will keep you well, I dare say, or if it does not entirely, you will have the fever more lightly.
But I thought he seemed crestfallen; indeed, he was clutching at every straw, and all the time, I dare say, saw the faces of his hereditary foes on the bench, and in the jury-box, and the gallows in the background.
Though indeed,' she hurried on, 'nothing else is to be expected and why should it be expected and if it's not to be expected why should it be, and I am far from blaming you or any one, When your mama and my papa worried us to death and severed the golden bowl--I mean bond but I dare say you know what I mean and if you don't you don't lose much and care just as little I will venture to add--when they severed the golden bond that bound us and threw us into fits of crying on the sofa nearly choked at least myself everything was changed and in giving my hand to Mr F.
The fact is, I like to meet him, I am glad to be seen with him, and put on airs, I dare say, like a vain goose as I am.
I said more than I meant, I dare say, only you see I know I'm right.
There are none here, and Joe don't want to hear about them, I dare say.
However, I dare say we should have seen a great deal of him in Somersetshire, if it had not happened very unluckily that we should never have been in the country together.