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My husband and I filed the I-485 entire packages back in 2003 and in 2004 we had an interview; They requested additional documentation to be sent to them but somehow they said that they had not received them and denied my case few month later. I was upset because of so much time wasted and money spent that I decided to put everything on a side for a while and now end of December 2005 we are ready to file again. I've been married nearly for 3 years now; do you think this will be a problem that we wait so long to file all documentation again? Also, should we attach a letter with the application and explain what happened.


That often happens--it is okay to file again now--
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bull The petitioner had already been interviewed in connection with the case, either in connection with the original spousal petition (Form I-130) or the adjustment of status (Form I-485).
In the central and north sections traffic levels are reasonably steady throughout the day, with congestion occurring during peaks, particularly at bottlenecks north of I-485 and the Lake Norman crossing.
Locals who are moving to Huntersville and other Charlotte suburbs can avail of the self-storage units, as commuting will be easier with the lengthening of the I-485 beltway, the company said.
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Citizenship & Immigration Services family immigration forms I-130 and G-325a are supported, with forms I-864, I-485, I-751 and others soon to follow.