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My husband and I filed the I-485 entire packages back in 2003 and in 2004 we had an interview; They requested additional documentation to be sent to them but somehow they said that they had not received them and denied my case few month later. I was upset because of so much time wasted and money spent that I decided to put everything on a side for a while and now end of December 2005 we are ready to file again. I've been married nearly for 3 years now; do you think this will be a problem that we wait so long to file all documentation again? Also, should we attach a letter with the application and explain what happened.


That often happens--it is okay to file again now--
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Both consist of two- and three-story buildings, and are situated a short distance from I-485, which circles the greater Charlotte area.
This means SIJ-based Form I-360 petitions and Form I-485 applications will primarily be adjudicated at one location, the National Benefits Center (NBC).
included in the I-485 inventory, because they would not need to file
Por favor tome en consideracion que su esposa ciudadana debe presentar la solicitud (forma I-130) y tambien la I-485, o solicitud de la residencia, por separado, una para cada uno.
Citizenship & Immigration Services family immigration forms I-130 and G-325a are supported, with forms I-864, I-485, I-751 and others soon to follow.
Major areas of improvement across North Carolina in 2008 include significant enhancements to the Charlotte area, specifically for customers around Mount Holly Huntersville Road, Beatties Ford Road, Hornets Nest Park and the future I-485.
But with continuing development south of Charlotte in the towns of Pineville and Matthews and around the finished portions of I-485 Outerbelt, many trees are in danger of being cut.
3-kilometre extension of the Charlotte Outer Loop on Interstate I-485 beltway, and includes 20 bridges and 12 box culverts, Skanska said.
The City is strategically positioned along the I-85 corridor and the only metro ring city with two centers; the traditional downtown at the metros eastern perimeter and Concord Mills area at the I-485 Beltway west of downtown Concord.