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Red Hat sees the Trillian project as a catalyst for the further enterprise adoption of Linux-based OSes in IA-64 server and workstation environments, where the speed, reliability and scalability of open source software is essential," said Paul McNamara, general manager, enterprise business unit, Red Hat.
In addition, the IA-64 dynamic library linking is implemented in this release.
Jim Carlson, director of worldwide IA-64 systems marketing at HP, said the development had been treated as "a virtual processor", using the same tests as on the real PA-64.
Compaq VP industry standard server solutions Mary McDowell and Unix VP Don Jenkins reiterated that a port of Tru64 to IA-64 is still in the plan, although the OS' high-end pedigree is likely to lend itself to McKinley and its high-end IA-64 successors rather than the higher volume Merced part.
As more businesses move online, the need for powerful processors such as IA-64, and supporting software to handle the transaction volume increases.
With the horsepower of Intel's IA-64 processor and Metro Link's X Window System products, developers will be able to accomplish more, and at a less expensive price.
Phoenix Technologies Inc says it has won seven of the dozen or so OEMs building systems around Intel Corp's IA-64 processor, who have licensed its Ready64 firmware for Merced and future McKinley processors.
Interphase's PowerSAN(TM) and Slot Optimizer(TM) Fibre Channel adapters and driver software were part of Intel's IA-64 IHV testing program and have proven interoperability at a number of demonstration events.
By William Fellows In May Hewlett-Packard Co will begin selling a server code-named Prelude using its PA-RISC that can be upgraded via a board-swap to use Intel Corp's IA-64 chips when they become available sometime next year.
In August of this year, we demonstrated our 16-way IA-64 Linux server, called 'Azusa,' at IDG LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, and we are contributing significantly to the advancement of Linux through development efforts such as the IA-64 Linux Project," said Kazuhiko Kobayashi, senior vice president, NEC Corporation.
Indeed, Barry Crume, product marketing manager workstation systems division, claimed that the continuing development of dual processor architectures - Intel's IA-64 range and the PA RISC line - was not only possible for a company of HP's size but also necessary.
This achievement is another industry first, following Bull's June announcement of the world's first successful porting of AIX(R) to an 8-way IA-64 server.