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Nowhere is there a bigger current and potential market for IDE RAID than environments where data is critical: from professional services like accounting, medical offices, legal, and insurance to small offices with entry-level local area networks.
Support for a range of Intel(R)CPUs from Socket 370 Pentium(R)III processor to Socket 478 Pentium(R)4 processor -- Ethernet Interface - 10/100/1000 LANs -- PCI expansion slot(s) -- USB ports -- PS/2 keyboard/mouse port -- IDE RAID -- Application definable LED's -- Watchdog timer -- SCSI interface -- LCDs with integrated keypads -- Support for Windows, Linux OS and other OS -- Runs "headless" supports video redirection -- Complete Development Platforms -- Custom Configurations -- Long-term availability -- Supported by Embedded Intel Architecture Division
Zzyzx' StingRAID, an entry level FC/SCSI to IDE RAID disk array -- Overland Storage's NEO DLT tape library -- Qualstar's TLS 4000 AIT tape library -- Auspex' NSc 3000 NAS file server appliance enabling SAN-NAS storage consolidation -- Legato's suite of software products
For customers requiring high system uptime, the new server supports optional hot-plug redundant power supplies, hot-plug hard drives and SCSI or IDE RAID.
0, 1 IEEE 1394a Port, integrated IDE RAID 0 or integrated IDE RAID 1 controller options and integrated 6-channel premium surround audio.