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Arco Computer Products, LLC is a developer and manufacturer of IDE RAID technologies.
IDE RAID is a viable, cost-effective solution for desktops, workstations, and entry-level servers.
IDE RAID makes sense for corporate, industrial, retail, home office, and small office environment.
Using intelligent IDE RAID solutions from LSI Logic, NEC can offer the Express5800/110Ee,120Ee server line at very competitive price, while still maintaining the demanding data reliability and availability requirements for today's data-intensive server environments.
The addition of a truly intelligent IDE RAID solution to the LSI Logic family of MegaRAID adapters allows us to offer our customers an even broader mix of RAID products," said Phil Bullinger, vice president and general manager of the LSI Logic RAID Storage Adapters division.
Arco Computer Products, LLC, a leader in the development and manufacturing of IDE RAID data protection systems, announced today that it has named Gary F.
This unique application interfaces with the DupliDisk II IDE RAID controller to provide real-time monitoring status and alerts via e-mail, pager or even your cell phone.
Factor Memory Video AX4SPE Max ATX Intel 865PE 4DDR400/Dual 4GB 8X 800 Channel AX4SPE-N ATX Intel 865PE 4DDR400/Dual 4GB 8X 800 Channel AX4SG Max ATX Intel 865G 4DDR400/Dual 4GB 8X Y 800 Channel AX4SG-N ATX Intel 865G 4DDR400/Dual 4GB 8X Y 800 Channel MX4SG-N uATX Intel 865G 4DDR400/Dual 2GB 8X Y 800 Channel Model Audio PCI ATA IDE RAID USB 2.
DupLinux, the world's first IDE RAID controller utility with background rebuilding and hot-pluggable drive capabilities for the Linux operating system, will be introduced by Arco Computer Products at the upcoming LinuxWorld Expo in Tokyo, Japan.
It developed the world's first SCSI to Fibre Channel IDE RAID controller in 1995, and it continues to hold most of the worldwide market share for this technology.