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Chris Dowlen BTech CTPD CEng MIMechE REngDes FIED FRSA has been a member of the IED since 1986 and a member of Council since May 2003, when he was elected as Chairman of the Education and Training Committee.
The coroner said he intended to produce a Prevention of Future Deaths report on the identification and clearance of IED threats.
In his presentation, Director, Battlefield Manoeuvre and Master General of Ordnance, Major General Nick Pope of the British Army looked at international efforts on counter IEDs and sharing of best practices, especially focusing on lead nations' C-IED models (USA, UK and Australia).
He said that the symposium also provided a forum to select members of international community to learn about Pakistan's counter IED efforts in terms of successes and predicaments.
This report discusses the various programmes conducted by key players in the market, by dividing them into the main types of Counter IED.
However, as the number of IED deaths is falling, insider killings are on the rise.
A third IED blast in Salah al-Din today targeted the vehicle of a sahwa fighter in Samra village, 20 km east of Tikrit, causing him medium wounds and his vehicle ablaze, the source added.
A month later he went to the aid of two colleagues from a nearby patrol when they were wounded by an IED.
After a holistic analysis of the C-IED threat, the Army has identified three primary lines of operation (LOOs)--Defeat the Device, Attack the IED Network, and Adapt the Force--that are pivotal to defeating enemy IEDs.
With the escalation of the IED threat in Iraq, DOD identified several counter-IED capability gaps that included shortcomings in the areas of counter-IED technologies, qualified personnel with expertise in counter-IED tactics, training, dedicated funding, and expedited acquisition processes.
In another Uruzgan incident a civilian vehicle was damaged in an IED explosion, but thankfully the occupants were not injured, the statement continued.
The company "supports the JIEDDO effort and works within the JIEDDO process to develop and field IED solutions to our war fighters," says Jim Madora, director of the Raytheon IED Defeat Task Force.