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Harold resigned his membership of the IED in September 2003, feeling it was time to pass the mantle to the newer generation of members.
At the strategic level of war, IED attacks support our adversary's propaganda, portraying the host nation as impotent and undermining U.
Con base en las conclusiones de la decada de los noventa acerca de la complejidad de la naturaleza de las relaciones entre IED y el medio ambiente, Zarsky (1999) sugiere una estructura analitica ampliada donde los posibles efectos ambientales de la IED sean adecuadamente calificados y agrupados de acuerdo con su naturaleza especifica.
The coroner said he intended to produce a Prevention of Future Deaths report on the identification and clearance of IED threats.
The report provides detailed analysis of the market for armored and counter IED vehicles during 2013-2023, including the factors that influence why countries are investing or cutting defense expenditure.
Mr Soofi also highlighted that bill for awarding punishment to individuals involved in terror acts and IED attacks has been prepared which will be presented in next parliament for preparation of law.
The Global Armored Vehicles and Counter IED Vehicles Market 2011-2021 - Country Analysis - Armored Vehicles Market: Market Profile
The IED was defused at about 2 pm an hour after Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah's cavalcade left the area.
Esta composicion nos muestra que solo poco mas de un tercio de lo que ingresa como IED son nuevas inversiones, es decir recursos frescos que se destinan a la construccion de nuevas de plantas, lo que implica la generacion de empleo.
com/research/57n3jj/the_global) has announced the addition of the "The Global Counter IED Market 2012-2022 - Major Programs: Market Profile" report to their offering.
Intelligence suggests the cost of an IED has risen from PS124 to as much as PS495 in the past year, while only 12% of IED attacks now result in troop deaths compared to a quarter three years ago.
An IED that blew off against an American military patrol in Kut city, the center of Wassit Province, had injured a woman and her daughter, who happened to be close to the venue of the blast," the security source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.