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Many iGoogle alternatives exist to fill the void so many got emotional about.
Entre os que foram estudados nessa pesquisa estao: o Google Docs, iGoogle e Google Gadget.
After proudly explaining how one sports-mad teenager had set up a page full of RSS feeds from the likes of the Arsenal website (whilst demonstrating iGoogle to a group of teaching colleagues), I was challenged as to whether this was 'educational'.
Social gadgets let you share, collaborate and play games with your friends on top of all the things you can already do on your homepage," Google vice president of search products and user experience Marissa Mayer and iGoogle product manager Rose Yao said in a joint message posted online.
A new iGoogle Southern Ogadget' is now available for passengers to download and store on their iGoogle home page.
His work will also be available for millions of Google users around the world to display on their personalised iGoogle homepages, here: www.
Google products, like Orkut, Gmail, blogger, knol, iGoogle gadget have already implemented t13n.
Teachers learned about Google Docs, Google Earth, Google Sites and iGoogle.
In February 2007, software and platform provider Etelos was one of the first to board the Google bandwagon, with Etelos CRM for Google Apps--essentially a CRM tool available on the iGoogle landing page.
Yasmina Brihi, regional marketing manager for Mena will also be on hand to discuss about Google products and gadgets like Chrome (the latest search browser), Knol or iGoogle.
Other ways of getting with RSS are out there, but iGoogle holds your hand, and is naturally first on the compatibility list when people design RSS 'widgets' and 'gadgets' - the little items you can add to your homepage that will feed in the stuff you want.
If you're a Radiohead fan but not quite geeky enough to manipulate data into videos, you could just add the official Radiohead theme to your iGoogle home page (www.