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IMA has been actively exploring in Argentina for over a decade and has internationally recognized Management and Exploration Teams with outstanding track records and a large and diverse network of contacts that management believes can quickly identify new opportunities for socially and environmentally responsible exploration and development.
Mindspeed is a proven leader in ATM and IMA solutions," said J.
The remaining projects, other than Navidad, would be put into Newco, a brand new company with the same Board of Directors as IMA and managed by the same team at Grosso Management Group.
IMA Active Division offers a complete range of machines for the processing of solid dosage products.
Since the cost basis of each security is established for each client portfolio when purchased, the IMA starts off with no built-in gain.
Unfortunately, there are several areas where IMA believes the Committee is perpetuating the status quo and an imbalance in the accounting profession toward the auditing community, which is resulting in massive shareholder erosion, loss of U.
IMA members who have shown their long-term interest in and support of IMA have come together to form A Fund for the Future.
UMTS radios leverage ATM IMA as the primary high-speed access technology.
The IMA and MEF have 50l(c)3 charitable organization status, which, depending on your personal tax status, makes donations tax deductible.