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Enhanced data management tools for DB2 and IMS include DB2 Administration Tool, DB2 Bind Manager, DB2 Log Analysis Tool, DB2 SQL Performance Analyzer, IMS Database Repair Facility, IMS Fast Path Online Tools, IMS High Performance Pointer Checker and IMS Image Copy Extensions.
In 1988, the founder and president of IMS took the big leap and quit his job.
The RADVISION IMS DIAMETER Toolkit is part of RADVISION's IMS Developer Suite.
IMS Control Layer Investment Forecast 2007-2011 (US$ in Thousands)
The event provided an opportunity for IMS vendors, like Starent Networks, and others to directly test their services and applications, helping to develop the Plugfest test plan and to further IMS technology deployment.
Ixia's IxVoice test solution is designed to validate the key IMS subsystems for interoperability, functionality, and performance.
The first IMS Forum Plugfest right at the start of 2007 is a good indicator that IMS is closer to becoming a mainstream technology.
Jay Whitehurst, president and general manager, Tekelec Switching Solutions Group, added, "Providing greater options and the ability to differentiate operator service offerings is what drives us to continually enhance our product line as well as take a leadership role in important industry groups like the IMS Forum.
This research presents an introduction to the IMS network architecture, the market forces driving its deployment, and the carrier next-generation network (NGN) migration strategies being implemented.
The new IMS networks will be defined by service innovation and interoperability," said Akshay Sharma, Research Director for Carrier Network Infrastructure at Gartner.
The first event will focus on testing the interfaces between the IMS architecture core network and application servers.