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The influence of corneal thickness and curvature on the difference between IOP measurements obtained with a non-contact tonometer and those with a Goldmann applanation tonometer.
c) IOP of both eyes [less than or equal to]23 mmHg (average of the last 3 measurements) and equal (difference between IOP of both eyes [less than or equal to]2 mmHg in the last 3 measurements).
Studies have found IOP to have good efficacy, and Walter says it's not an either/or situation clinically.
The results of this study revealed higher mean IOP measurements (28 [+ or -] 9 mm Hg) with a wider range (3-49 mm Hg) than what our group has previously reported for HPs in a zoo setting (20.
Proper control of IOP bears profound impact on the progression and treatment of glaucoma.
IOP of both the eyes in different age group individuals was recorded by indentation method under aseptic precautions after instillation of xylocaine eye drops and using Schiotz tonometer.
We hypothesised that the IOP effects of sugammadex used for antagonism of neuromuscular blockade would be less than atropine/neostigmine combination.
The management team of Vita has invested alongside IOP and its members will continue in their positions.
Thus, IOP has an important role in the evaluation of aphakic children with glaucoma or at risk for glaucoma.