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'The cashiers also confirmed the accused (Mitema) did not bring back any receipts to account for the various imprests or the IOUs,' added Oloo.
To the authors' knowledge, the use of IOUS in conventional abdominal surgery in dogs with suspected intra-abdominal neoplasms lias not previously been described.
Usage of ultrasound in neurosurgery was reported by a 1970 study.14 Use of IOUS does not require any extra investment.
Broker-dealers, as well as any potential secondary markets, should be aware that the requirements of the securities laws and the rules of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board apply to the IOUs, according to the SEC.
As to the second question, the KIUC transaction now looks like a model in a developing trend being replicated across the country--cooperatives are buying rural investor-owned (IOU) service territory, providing accelerated growth in cooperative membership for the 21st century.
In four patients, contrast-enhanced ultrasound confirmed malignancies detected by IOUS, and in two it fully confirmed as HCC the additional lesions detected by IOUS.
* tickets to a cultural or sporting event, along with an IOU for respite care.
I also argue that the differentiation between fractional-reserve IOUs and genuine money rides has been suppressed not only through fraud, but also through outright coercion.
granted by legislative enactment," (9) courts have upheld PSC action on approving utility territorial agreements, (10) modifying utility rates in spite of deed restrictions in private contracts, (11) and exercising exclusive jurisdiction over IOUs which are part of systems providing service that transverse county boundaries, (12) in nearly 100 percent of all such cases, making the PSC among the most respected regulatory bodies by the courts in Florida.
This "teeter totter" between POUs and IOUs has not been addressed in much of the literature on the energy crisis.
As the pressures of competition intensify, investor-owned utilities (IOUs) have sought competitive advantage through a wave of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.