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Additional risks and uncertainties which may affect forward looking statements about the Company's IPAD business and prospects include the possibility that a competitor will develop a more comprehensive or less expensive IPAD solution, delays in market awareness of eSoft and its products, possible delays in eSoft's marketing strategy, which could have an immediate and material adverse effect by placing eSoft behind its competitors.
Apple's secrecy notwithstanding, glimpses of the revamped iPads have been showing up in videos posted on the Internet, including on websites that provided early -- and accurate -- peeks at the new iPhones Apple rolled out last month.
Apple says that, like the other iPads in the lineup, it still offers ten hours of battery life; the company boasts that the iPad mini uses the largest and thinnest battery Apple's ever made.
The major sales competitor to Apple's iPad is widely considered the Amazon Kindle Fire in the US, which boasts much lower specs than iPads and Eee Pads.
According to Localytics' new data, the third-gen iPad now accounts for over 20 per cent of all US based iPads seen by apps using the company's app analytics service.
SquareTrade ran an unscientific drop test where workers dropped both iPad 2's and new iPads from waist and shoulder height, glass up and glass down, onto a hard, flat surface.
The usual prices of these mini versions of iPads are $399, $499 and $599.