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The factors leading to increased interest in the IPC market include demand for automation, increasing operational efficiency, growing need for IoT and Smart City.
He received the IPC Presidents Award in 1990 for his efforts on the design and bare board standards.
Carano has written more than 150 technical articles, is a frequent lecturer at IPC events and has consistently been rated as one of IPC's best instructors.
Adam Singer, the company's chairman and chief executive officer, said the revenues IPC has seen in 2001 are indicative of the growing popularity of hospitalist care.
When fully stabilized, generally the same IPC tests should be performed to assure compliance with in-plant specifications.
In response to customer demand, IPC has also added a new optical POP in Atlanta to better service financial customers in the South Eastern U.
Bill Jacobi served as committee chairman of the IPC Flexible Circuits Committee for 17 years, initiating the first annual national conference on flexible circuits in 1995.
Lance Boxer, CEO of IPC, says, "The IPC Portal changes the way our customers work with our company.
Our global presence and long experience with difficult risks worldwide should assist IPC Re in obtaining and underwriting such business.
We're working with our clients to achieve efficiencies and benefits on this global scale, which helps them create a sustainable advantage in the marketplace," said Lance Boxer, CEO, IPC.
On March 24, 1993, the ICC ordered that payment of quarterly dividends through May 1, 1994 "are required by the public interest" and can be paid, even if retained earnings on payment date is negative, as long as IPC meets certain financial tests.
IPC Information Systems LLC, which has been renamed IPC Systems, Inc.