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Prices of the iPod touch range from 20,900 yen and the iPod shuffle costs 4,800 yen.
iPod shuffle is based on Apple's incredibly popular shuffle feature, which randomly selects songs from a user's music library.
Nikkei Electronics, "3G iPod Shuffle Teardown, SoC, Flash Memory Stacked [Part 4]," April 6, 2009.
Guilty pleasure: Parks notes that, while he has a music library of about 4,000 songs, his iPod Shuffle only holds about 70, so he's pretty picky about what makes the cut.
In their debut performance, Kindle 2 and iPod Shuffle recreate a scene from Blade Runner, with the former playing the part of Holden and the latter playing Leon.
THE iPod is the accessory that everyone wants and we have 3 iPod Touch and 2 iPod shuffles up for grabs in our Christmas giveaway a day.
QI AM looking for a small digital radio for my office which I can plug my iPod Shuffle into.
Y bueno, en esta ocasion probamos su reproductor de musica mas pequeno, denominado iPod Shuffle y que es, aproximadamente, de la mitad del tamano de una cajetilla de cerillos.
Updating the 2006 edition, Biersdorfer covers the basics of loading the iPod Classic, Nano, or iPod Shuffle, to navigating the Web with the iPod Touch or iPhone.
The iPod shuffle speaker is as dinky as the new 1Gb, 240-song music player itself.
Twenty runner-up prizes include $400 in Orchard software and an iPod Shuffle from Orchard Software.
Consumers who buy Kibon's Fruttare popsicle, which comes in 10 different fruit flavors, may find an iPod Shuffle inside the package, ready to play.