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Transition and adoption costs section talks about the steps involved during the traction from IPv4 to IPv6 environment, technical explanation related to the various possible transition approaches, ideal stages of IPv6 address acquisition, adoption process & timelines, chalking out an effective IPv6 strategy and best practices during transition have been compiled, thereby serving as effective guidelines for IPv6 transition.
In April, Akamai will announce built-in support for IPv6 in its three major product lines: Aqua for consumer-oriented services, Terra for enterprises and Sola for media companies.
However, some reasons have suspended enterprise's IPv6 deployment.
Hurricane Electric first deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001, and the company now interconnects with more than 600 associated IPv6 backbones - approximately twice as many as its nearest rival.
IPv6: RIPng, OSPFv3, IPv6 Static Routing, IPv6-to-IPv4 static tunneling to facilitate network transition and a range of IPv6 edge features including IPv6 extended ACLs
Government IPv6 Transition Office would be very or somewhat helpful, assuming it received the proper levels of funding and authority.
Spirent's test systems will help us accomplish that goal," said Ben Schultz, IPv6 consortium manager for UNH-IOL.
According to Silvia Hagen, the Swiss-based IPv6 consultant and author of the technical resource IPv6 Essentials, what drives the deployment in Asia is basically just the address space problem.
Our customers view us as their IT partner, so we want to make sure the transition to IPv6 is seamless.
World IPv6 Day offers A10 and our customers a global event to accelerate the awareness, testing and adoption of IPv6 networks for the second consecutive year," said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO for A10 Networks.
IPv6 Security - NTT Communications Group has improved upon the inherent security features of IPv6 with the creation of IntelliSecurity IPv6 Managed Firewall solution.
This is critical for a smooth migration to IPv6 without requiring replacement of existing equipment.