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This all becomes even more interesting when one considers that voters, under IRV, would have no incentive to force themselves to choose the "lesser evil.
The Aspen City Council began discussing IRV in the summer of 2006.
In Alaska, the Republican Party, also beset by split votes, has made a sweeping IRV bill for all state and federal offices its number-one legislative priority, and advocates have already turned in enough signatures to place IRV on the statewide ballot in 2002.
IRV also offers something for those tired of polarized politics and mudslinging campaigns.
Meanwhile, in Vermont, CVD had been working with the League of Women Voters since 1998 to educate and organize for IRV.
In Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, 69% of voters amended the charter to provide for IRV election of the mayor and City Council pending the purchase of compatible equipment.
In the last week, however, using the benign-sounding moniker of San Franciscans for Voter Rights, they got deep into the mud by distributing literature in Chinatown featuring Chinese tanks at Tiananmen Square and maintaining that IRV would take away democracy.
Used for major elections in Australia, Ireland and Great Britain, IRV ensures that candidates win with majority support.
No state or federal legislation had been introduced on IRV in decades, no city had voted on implementing it since 1974, and it was rarely discussed in civic circles.
What would have happened with IRV in 1968, when the anti-Vietnam War movement was left without a champion in the general election and Richard Nixon narrowly edged out Hubert Humphrey?
So far, IRV would only allow for a simple majority for the current winner.
IRV allows voters to pick not only their first choice, but also to rank their runoff choices at the same time, 1, 2, 3, etc.