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Hospital admissions caused by iatrogenic disease. Archives of Internal Medicine, 146, 1931-1934.
To evaluate if the semantic modeling reasonably covered domain knowledge on clinical exposome, we used PubMed literature about exposure-induced iatrogenic diseases during 2001-2010.
No wonder there are skyrocketing rates of asthma and cancers, as well as high rates of iatrogenic diseases and deaths.
Issues of how to face a patient, how to deliver proper service, misdiagnosis, and the origin and prevention of iatrogenic diseases are all involved.
The increased use of sophisticated technology, while not greatly increasing the life expectancy of North Americans since 1950, has led to an incredible increase in what are known as iatrogenic diseases.25 These diseases are physician- or health-system caused and are the second reason for a crisis in effectiveness in U.S.
There is rising incidence of iatrogenic diseases due to misuse of drugs.
In short essential drugs including many life saving ones are unavailable in Pakistan while the market is flooded with irrational including many harmful drugs not registered in other countries-robbing the people of their health causing iatrogenic diseases and the scarce financial resources of the country as well adversely affecting the country 's sinking economy.