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143) Resting on this issue, it is worth noting that these legends were also used in support of the image in the eight and ninth centuries, when opposition against the icon shook the foundation of the Byzantine Empire, taking the form of a civil war, the iconoclastic controversy.
the monasteries were seen as having been bastions of correct belief during the iconoclastic controversy and were held in high regard throughout the Byzantine Empire, enjoying the great favor of the laity of all classes.
In the seventh and eighth centuries arose what is now referred to as the iconoclastic controversy, which stemmed from the belief that veneration of icons posed an obstacle for the conversion of Jews and Muslims.
It gets to the roots of the iconoclastic controversy.
Prompted by the iconoclastic controversy, the council pronounced that icons had a place in the church but that they should not be worshipped.
The remainder of the short text describes in precise language the philosophy behind the Byzantine iconoclastic controversy, with an eye to the role played by Dionysius's thought.