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It would be a step too far to call iconoclasts artists, but they can profoundly and creatively alter the meaning of the objects they afflict.
Berns describes iconoclasts with some inconsistency by defining them in terms of perception, fear response, and social intelligence.
The Iconoclast is always happy when someone responds to a column.
John of Damascus in his turn dealt with them in the same extensive way during the Iconoclast period.
The iconoclasts were certain that the early Christians refrained from creating images because this could lead to worshiping idols.
Lenin may have been smashed by the iconoclasts, but at first glance it seems far too many Russians are prepared to venerate Al Capone.
Concludes McEnteer: "Brann became an icon for Texas iconoclasts to follow.
The iconoclasts ' crusade continued for 120 years under Constantine Copronymus, Leo the Armenian, Theophilus, and other Byzantine emperors, known as the Iconoclast emperors.
There Was A Crooked Man will be co-headlining with Anonymous Iconoclasts, a Cardiff band who describe themselves as "four musicians, thrown together by an ill wind, poor sense of direction and a love of cheap alcohol".
Such breezing past is common with British iconoclasts these days.
In just 50 years a band of idealists and iconoclasts managed to shut down an institution that had fueled the expansion of the British Empire for nearly three centuries.