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As millions of people make New Year's Resolutions to improve themselves, Idealist is inviting them to find something they can do, big or small, to make a difference around them," continued Dar.
As a result of this approach, consideration of the relationship between Christianity and the idealist philosophy that Ward lays out is rather minimalist, touching upon some matters at the end of the text but otherwise remaining agnostic.
This edited volume provides an insightful and informative perspective on all aspects of contemporary concern with idealist philosophy.
The reader is able to reflect on what these leaders of thought took to be important and is able without much prodding to see just how far removed are contemporary philosophical concerns from much that arrested the attention of the idealists.
JILL Gough, national secretary of CND Cymru, contends that in the past I've made her out to be "loopy" and an idealist.
You may sound realistic, if not cynical, if you oppose the use of American military power to prevent genocide in Darfur, but then you're transformed into an idealist when you back the application of U.
It has been said that good leaders are ones who are pragmatic and realistic in design and approach, while keeping within sight and talking the language of the visionary or idealist.
For a disillusioned idealist such as Matthew Continetti, Washington, D.
Nancy Jack Todd here recounts how the three idealists progressed from identifying environmental problems in the 1960s to trying to solve those problems in subsequent years.
The Musician As Entrepreneur, 1700-1914: Managers, Charlatans and Idealists, edited by William Weber.
They also assert that with the addition of "educational apartheid," today's colleges are losing sight of their mission to create scholars who are humanitarians and idealists.
The ideological standoff between realism and idealism in international relations is difficult to summarize briefly, but, in a nutshell, realists are often proponents of using force in pursuit of political objectives while idealists advocate more patient, so called "soft power" campaigns of poverty eradication and diplomatic arbitration to resolve international differences or pick apart complex economic and political problems.