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Thus, we might say that an idiomatic phrase is a complex construction, whose total meaning is non-compositional to some degree (the constituent parts contribute varying amount of meaning to the sense of the whole expression), has a varying degree of frozenness as regards insertion, deletion or substitution of its elements and is restricted to a certain degree with regards to the movements the literal phrases of the same structure allow.
Humorous, punchy and informative idiomatic phrases such as "nothing to write home about", "grab the bull by the horns", "getting hot under the collar", "to have your head in the clouds", "excel yourself" were used to advertise various soft skills and IT training courses.
Before any important document is translated, speak directly with the translator and go through the document to identify idiomatic phrases and explain them another way.
Since culture is intertwined with language, the volume wisely contains material on cultural and religious themes as well as idiomatic phrases with explanations however.
Idiomatic phrases such as in the middle of also occur in the corpus.
We don't chide them for making literal translations of idiomatic phrases.
We have to be careful with our use of idiomatic phrases, metaphors, historical, or literary references or attempts at humor that fall flat because the patient tries to understand the punch line literally.
Recognition of their dependence on City Hall, and perhaps a desire to win the hearts of their clientele, led bakers to voice their grievances in the idiomatic phrases of patriotic duty.