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In "The Revelation," "the fallen ones, the idolaters, the thieves and liars"; in the more recent work, the usually maligned jackal, proud, even defiant of purpose in the scavenger cycle that is life.
to contradict the approach of the idolaters who arose then.
Nevertheless, as the case histories of individual indios ladinos here attest, and as Charles firmly concludes, some of them co-existed on both sides of the spectrum with no apparent inner contradiction, and "the divide between loyal Christians and subversive idolaters.
We have teachings that extol equality between Jews and non-Jews and oblige us, according to Maimonides, to "maintain the poor of idolaters, attend to their sick and bury their dead, as we do with those of our own community.
of idolaters, whom devils have seduced, and whose worship is
After a thorough discussion of what he regards as the typical behaviors of the greedy and of idolaters, he sums up the rhetorical impact of the metaphor "greed is idolatry" as "teaching that to have a strong desire to acquire and keep for yourself more and more money and material things is an attack on God's exclusive rights to human love and devotion, trust and confidence, and service and obedience" (173).
The direction that this transformation took was towards greater centralisation, confirming Hocart's astute observation years ago that the 'struggle between idolaters and iconoclasts is .
Perhaps reading this book is a must for Arabs and Muslims in these bleak days, as they see defeats attacking them from all sides like the spears of the idolaters.
Lewis for support, is a useful warning to idolaters of this great and greatly influential translation but it too can be overstated.
Such stories are offset by others featuring nasty folk who amassed great wealth: Jacob's uncle Laban, who deceives his nephew on the wedding night by switching bride-daughters Rachel for Leah; King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, idolaters and prophet hunters who seem no worse for the sport; landowner Nabal, husband of smart and attractive Abigail in 1 Samuel 25, who possesses 4,000 sheep and goats, parties like there's no tomorrow, and shows no pity on David's hungry soldiers.
is to attack the champion of each successive kaffir horde (always idolaters, by the way, never People of the Book), lift him up by his cummerbund, body-slam him, and slice him in half like a cucumber.
Pagan idolaters will be "the fuel of hell; they shall groan with anguish and be bereft of hearing.