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1) n. a person who is not a citizen of the country. 2) in the United States any person born in another country to parents who are not American and who has not become a naturalized citizen. There are resident aliens officially permitted to live in the country and illegal aliens who have sneaked into the country or stayed beyond the time allowed on a visa. 3) v. to convey title to property.

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a person who is not a British citizen, a Commonwealth citizen, a BRITISH PROTECTED person or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.

At common law, a distinction is drawn between friendly aliens and enemy aliens, with the latter comprising not only citizens of hostile states but also all others voluntarily living in enemy territory or carrying on business there; enemy aliens are subject to additional disabilities.

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ALIEN, persons. One born out of the jurisdiction of the United States, who has not since been naturalized under their constitution and laws. To this there are some exceptions, as this children of the ministers of the United States in foreign courts. See Citizen, Inhabitant.
     2. Aliens are subject to disabilities, have rights, and are bound to perform duties, which will be briefly considered. 1. Disabilities. An alien cannot in general acquire title to real estate by the descent, or by other mere operation of law; and if he purchase land, he may be divested of the fee, upon an inquest of office found. To this general rule there are statutory exceptions in some of the states; in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, New Jersey, Rev. Laws, 604, and Michigan, Rev. St. 266, s. 26, the disability has been removed; in North Carolina, (but see Mart. R. 48; 3 Dev. R. 138; 2 Hayw. 104, 108; 3 Murph. 194; 4 Dev. 247; Vermont and Virginia, by constitutional provision; and in Alabama, 3 Stew R. 60; Connecticut, act of 1824, Stat. tit. Foreigners, 251; Indiana, Rev. Code, a. 3, act of January 25, 1842; Illinois, Kentucky, 1 Litt. 399; 6 Mont. 266 Maine, Rev. St,. tit. 7, c. 93, s. 5 Maryland, act of 1825, ch. 66; 2 Wheat. 259; and Missouri, Rev. Code, 1825, p. 66, by statutory provision it is partly so.
     3. An alien, even after being naturalized, is ineligible to the office of president of the United States; and in some states, as in New York, to that of governor; he cannot be a member of congress, till the expiration of seven years after his naturalization. An alien can exercise no political rights whatever; he cannot therefore vote at any political election, fill any office, or serve as a juror. 6 John. R. 332.
     4.-2. An alien has a right to acquire personal estate, make and enforce contracts in relation to the same - he is protected from injuries, and wrongs, to his person and property, his relative rights and character; he may sue and be sued.
     5.-3. He owes a temporary local allegiance, and his property is liable to taxation. Aliens are either alien friends or alien enemies. It is only alien friends who have the rights above enumerated; alien enemies are incapable, during the existence of war to sue, and may be ordered out of the country. See generally, 2 Kent. Com. 43 to 63; 1 Vin. Ab. 157; 13 Vin. ab. 414; Bac. Ab. h.t.; 1 Saund. 8, n.2; Wheat. Dig. h.t.; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(218) Before Heller, an illegal alien could become part of a "national community" by developing a "sufficient connection" with the United States.
Because illegal aliens do not possess an alien registration number, proving the relationship test may be more challenging.
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a self-described "national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that [America's] immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest," (20) has analyzed those studies in an effort to provide a comprehensive report addressing the fiscal net burden of illegal aliens. Though it has not yet completed that report, FAIR has published a series of findings modeled after the 1994 Urban Institute study.
Superflex Ltd., a federal court in New York stated, in dicta, that the holding in Hoffman Plastic would disqualify an illegal alien from collecting punitive and compensatory damages under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
It is also assumed that each uncaught illegal alien causes loss, A, to the receiving country.
The United States is presently experiencing growing restrictionist attitudes toward immigration and illegal aliens.(1) American citizens are becoming furious over what they perceive as a drainage of public funds being used to provide health care and other services to illegal aliens.(2) Because of this fury, measures are being considered that will actually end up being counterproductive in the long run.(3) Denying health benefits and other prevent those immigrants infected with contagious diseases from entering the country.
If the illegal alien has sneaked across the border, we cannot be reasonably assured that he has not sneaked some sort of phony ID.
Oregon's agricultural economy is said to depend on immigrant labor, but rarely mentioned is the fact that farmers may be having difficulty finding workers because even illegal aliens don't want to do "that kind of work." Other developed nations are moving more quickly than we are toward mechanization in agricultural industries.
Morente expressed dismay upon learning of big companies employing illegal aliens.
Morente said citizens should report illegal aliens to the BI.
The six illegal aliens are identified as Indonesian nationals Jimbirs Da Lema and Supian Undingan; Sri Lankan national Warnakula Weerasuriya Jayathilaka a.k.a.
It's clear, based on numbers from FAIR, that illegal aliens are extensive consumers of taxpayer-funded services and the taxes received from them in no way offset the growing financial burdens they impose on this nation.