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Its counternarcotics efforts have prevented illegal narcotics traffickers from having a significant impact on the island.
5 that Brett Cummins, then a meteorologist for KARK-TV, Channel 4, and Cummins' friend Dexter Williams of Mountain Pine "began to drink and use illegal narcotics.
To date, this collaboration has resulted in the disruption of the activities of significant criminal groups and the seizure of over 1 500 kilograms of illegal narcotics," Ambassador Warlick said Wednesday.
Nevertheless, when she was examined through the Body Scan machine, the detector showed strange substances inside her body believed to be illegal narcotics.
However, the jury accepted that McArthur did not know the package contained a large amount of illegal narcotics.
They urged the ministries of Health and Narcotics Control to plan drug substitution strategies for drug addicts to reduce their needs for illegal narcotics and use of injecting material.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Syria is one of the countries that are completely free of the growing and production of illegal narcotics, Director of Anti-Drug Directorate at the Ministry of Interior Gen.
Fortunately, once the show aired it soon became clear it had nothing to do with illegal narcotics.
Security concerns faced by the states include mixes of social disorder, crime, corruption, terrorism, ethnic and civil conflict, border tensions, water and transport disputes, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and trafficking in illegal narcotics and persons.
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Cartwright, commanding officer of 3 Scots, said: "This has been an important operation against the illegal narcotics industry and represents a significant setback for the insurgency in Helmand Province.
Though no alcohol and illegal narcotics were found in Heather's system, only prescribed medications, the 'Double Tap' actress has been charged with a single misdemeanour count.
They said 2007 had been a year of continuous crisis for the English and Welsh system, with many prisons swamped by illegal narcotics.