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Fisher said his office would seek forfeiture of Ramsey's home and four vehicles, which Fisher alleged were bought with the proceeds of the illegal operation.
Further afield, illegal operations "almost killed" the market in the United States and has harmed the market immensely in Europe, according to Al Naqbi.
He was fined pounds 4,545 after magistrates at Blackburn, Lancs, pulled the plug on his illegal operation on the green belt at Darwen.
Police have no evidence that the Moorpark business knew about the illegal operation, Nelson added.
The illegal operation was set up in April in a farmer's house in Panyu, Guangdong, the southern Chinese province where many pirate disc makers are suspected of operating.
In Florida and other states, penalties for illegal operation of overweight trucks have become nothing more than a cost of doing business.
Robert Lally is now serving 15 months for evading revenue by running the huge illegal operation.
Fireman'' and ``what role, if any, anyone in his campaign had in this illegal operation.
In severe cases, spyware has been known to cause system slowdowns, illegal operation errors, browser crashes and even system failures.
Defense attorneys want to see if the illegal operation cast a shadow on any of the officers involved in the murder case or might undermine the testimony of prosecution witnesses.
Oxidized ore in both zones has essentially been removed over the last few years by surface mining operations, indeed one illegal operation was observed during the inspection.
Vineet K Chhabra, 32, from Florida, admitted last year he was behind an illegal operation that made $25million a year.