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ILLEGITIMATE. That which is contrary to law; it is usually applied to children born out of lawful wedlock. A bastard is sometimes called an illegitimate child.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She said that Article 992 of the New Civil Code and Article 175 of the Family Code on proving filiation are legal setbacks against illegitimate children.
If you are under petition as single, but have an illegitimate child with a date of marriage on the birth certificate, I would recommend that you consult with an attorney, who can evaluate your case and straighten things out so you would not be committing fraud and possibly be able to bring your child with you.
How and when did the illegitimate child come about-is it before or during the marriage?
In fact, DSCSA explicitly defines illegitimate product to include 'a product for which credible evidence shows that the product is counterfeit, diverted, or stolen.'Finally, your firm provided no records to demonstrate the disposition of these illegitimate products."
In August 2017, the government also issued a directive ordering the elimination and withdrawal of illegitimate national administrative documents held by foreigners.
"The Maduro regime is illegitimate and the United States will work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country," Pompeo told reporters in Abu Dhabi, where he is on a tour of Middle East countries.
Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club, she pointed out that many influential people maintain illegitimate relations with women after divorcing them.
The President said eradication of corruption and accountability is like a national agenda and therefore wrong practices, undue and illegitimate exercise of power should be avoided.
"A message to patriots and comrades, vivacontinue the struggle against the despots and the illegitimate usurps of power," he said.
Shanmuga said his clients' case was not about personal laws, also noting that the Shariah court would be able to tell for itself if a Muslim child was illegitimate by comparing the child's birth certificate and the parents' marriage certificate.
Without the election of brand new members of the Central Committee and the election of new delegates who would then elect a new president, and later an Executive Committee, the eventual election of a new leader of VMRO-DPMNE will be completely illegitimate, says professor Nenad Novkovski.
Mr Odinga, in a statement issued through his adviser Salim Lone, said the Jubilee government was illegitimate, adding that the Supreme Court decision was made under duress.