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"So much for the illusory promise that by leaving the EU we would somehow 'take back control'.
What worked for BJP here was the anti-Bangladeshi sentiment along with the illusory promise of development.
TONY Blair profoundly misunderstands sentiment in Britain when he suggests the Brexit vote might be reversed by his illusory promise that the EU will dismantle Treaties and return power to people and their national parliaments.
These desperate people who join or support ISIS include Sunni Arabs whose lives in Syria and Iraq have been a series of miseries for many decades, and Arabs and foreigners from other countries who see in ISIS the illusory promise of a noble struggle that gives meaning to their otherwise hollow and vulnerable lives.
The court considered the agreement in question to be unsupported by consideration, as neither continued at-will employment, nor an illusory promise to arbitrate on the part of the employer, were found to be adequate consideration.
This may well have all been about Scotland: The pro-Union lobby in Scotland has already used the Welsh tax deal to show that devolution within the UK is a real possibility, not just an illusory promise.
Some specific areas considered include culinary capital in the digital age, culinary resistance in the form of competitive eating and junk food foodies, and gender, class, and the illusory promise of transformation in TV cooking shows.
The life insurance industry should adopt the motto: "Value trumps both price and the illusory promise of performance." If so, and there is a shift in product structure and emphasis back to the value and security of a guarantee, the industry's future will be even brighter than was its past.
That was until the hysteria that ensued after the attack on Ostia compelled Romans to trade their ancient rights in exchange for the illusory promise of safety.
Thus, every American president's promise at the beginning of his term, to fund the development of alternative energy to meet the growing needs of the largest energy consuming market in the world and to replace oil, - so that the US becomes independent of Middle East oil supplies-, is an illusory promise at best.
Then there's the illusory promise of "new components" I was going on about before.
Maureen runs toward the sound of a mysterious helicopter, lured, we are told, by the illusory promise of "a kitchen, a house just the other side of the next tree" (JP 160).