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He was captured first by the illustrations, and then he began to read, to start with, the stories that dealt with magic, and then the others; and those he liked he read again and again.
The stage in these volumes presents itself indeed not merely [88] as a mirror of life, but as an illustration of the utmost intensity of life, in the fortunes and characters of the players.
He smoked on again, and again removed the pipe, using it to point at the POLICE GAZETTE illustration.
He glanced at the POLICE GAZETTE illustration and nodded his head at it familiarly.
I changed the subject, and made her resume her illustrations.
He looked like his illustration, as he raised his eyes to Mr.
In illustration of this latter peculiarity, I may cite the law which forbids a female to enter a canoe--a prohibition which prevails upon all the northern Marquesas Islands.
But it was clear enough to her that he would expect her to devote herself to sifting those mixed heaps of material, which were to be the doubtful illustration of principles still more doubtful.
Illustrations 8 and 9 involve a member's reliance on assumptions about residual value in equipment leasing transactions.
Acquisition Will Enable PTC to Deliver Associative Link between CAD and Technical Illustrations to Further Optimize Technical Publication Process
As the demand for science illustrators grows, many national institutions and publications look to the program to commission illustrations from the students as well as the faculty.
These illustrations are used in technical documentation for print, Web and multimedia presentations.