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And ready- witted Prometheus he bound with inextricable bonds, cruel chains, and drove a shaft through his middle, and set on him a long- winged eagle, which used to eat his immortal liver; but by night the liver grew as much again everyway as the long-winged bird devoured in the whole day.
Now after twelve days the immortal gods came back in a body to Olympus, and Jove led the way.
As he spoke the son of Saturn bowed his dark brows, and the ambrosial locks swayed on his immortal head, till vast Olympus reeled.
There is an old immortal who lives under the sea hereabouts and whose name is Proteus.
Then,' he said, 'if you would finish your voyage and get home quickly, you must offer sacrifices to Jove and to the rest of the gods before embarking; for it is decreed that you shall not get back to your friends, and to your own house, till you have returned to the heaven-fed stream of Egypt, and offered holy hecatombs to the immortal gods that reign in heaven.
I will also give you a beautiful chalice that so long as you live you may think of me whenever you make a drink-offering to the immortal gods.
The soul, I said, being, as is now proven, immortal, must be the fairest of compositions and cannot be compounded of many elements?
Let us see whom she affects, and what society and converse she seeks in virtue of her near kindred with the immortal and eternal and divine; also how different she would become if wholly following this superior principle, and borne by a divine impulse out of the ocean in which she now is, and disengaged from the stones and shells and things of earth and rock which in wild variety spring up around her because she feeds upon earth, and is overgrown by the good things of this life as they are termed: then you would see her as she is, and know whether she has one shape only or many, or what her nature is.
There she finds a houseful of untrustworthy, resentful immortals who believe Dane is Coronado and Ashlyn is Katia, with Katia only allowed because of Ashlyns connection to Rhys.
He discovers that the Immortals have been disbanded and Sanakhte and his demon henchmen are still at large, more menacing than ever.
HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES (1992-1998) Running for six years, the TV show featured Connor's cousin Duncan hunting down and taking on fellow immortals and assorted villains in New York City.
New simulations that pitted short-lived organisms against immortals found that mortals leave more resources behind for future generations, Andrew Grant reported in "Evolution may favor limited life span" (SN: 7/11/15, p.