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In the United States, we can assume that in addition to the surviving number of baby boomers born with low birthweight, there may be an equivalent number whose radiation-induced damage took other forms, so that a significant number of baby boomers, perhaps one-third, now make up a disproportionate segment of the swelling ranks of those who are mentally ill, permanently unemployed, homeless, in prison, on drugs or ill with AIDS and other immune deficiency diseases, such as chronic fatigue, toxic shock, tuberculosis, etc.
To date, UCB stem cells have been used successfully in approximately 10,000 patients for the treatment of hematologic malignancies, congenital blood disorders and immune deficiency diseases.
253 Bursting the Bubble of Primary immune Deficiency Diseases
A significant proportion of AIDS cases, they note, are diagnosed based on these "non immune deficiency diseases.
The most enduring legacy of all these decades of expensive military madness may well be a planetary epidemic of immune deficiency diseases.
As a result, Salick said he and Columbia officials negotiated and signed a new contract in March 1995 that would allow Salick to buy the facility and operate it as a treatment center for cancer, kidney dialysis, organ transplants and immune deficiency diseases.
Patients with immune deficiency diseases, such as AIDS, suffer from recurrent infections since their immune systems are not capable of effectively eradicating an antigenic challenge.
The medicine has been developed to treat patients with primary immune deficiency diseases.

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