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Students should take a more active role in their learning, develop their ability to work in teams and view faculty not as imparters of knowledge but as "facilitators of learning," according to Clark.
They prefer not just being receivers but imparters of knowledge--a role increasingly required of professionals.
So it is that education professionals are in the unique position of inhabiting both ends of the education spectrum: they are both the recipients and the imparters of education.
They will be the facilitators in the learning process of the students rather than imparters of knowledge.
A common mistake in the literature on lecturing is to view lectures as isolated events (Aarabi, 2007; Exley and Dennick, 2004), and lecturers as selfless imparters of knowledge for the sole benefit of the audience (Brown, 1978; Bligh, 1998; Gaw, 2010; Aarabi, 2007).
Through patient toil, intelligent instructions, sympathetic guidance, wholesome discipline and personal examples the teachers are builders of character and imparters of knowledge.
The literature cited earlier, much of it written by professionals who also function as teachers and imparters of social work culture to coming generations of students and practitioners, also indicates that progressive ideals will continue to influence in many ways the thought of different generations of social workers.
Mandatory reporting by social-service workers, healthcare practitioners, education imparters, law enforcement officers, photo developers, IT professionals, ISPs, credit card companies and banks, telecom service providers, network service providers, web-hosting service providers, search engines, online payment sites, online-auction sites, online-market places, and cyber cafes should be made a legal obligation.
Given that most students are typically socialized to seeing course instructors as holders and imparters of content knowledge and truth, they are often nonplussed when asked for their perceptions, judgments, or opinions.